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Tweezing Is a Sin!

Transgender & Transsexual Hair Removal at Vancouver Electrolysis Centre Ltd.

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Many transgender and transsexual people suffer from the sight of their masculine facial and body hair. In order to prepare themselves for the transformation to a female role, MTF will often start hormone treatments, accompanied by electrolysis treatments to take care of the unwanted hair.

The excess of body hair that is characteristic of biological males can be very distressing in a MTF who feels to be correctly a female. Daily or regular shaving of excess facial / body hair is not a happy solution for a MTF person who is looking for something more permanent and in keeping with the female they feel themselves to be.

Hormone treatment alone does not have a significant effect on facial hair, especially when the hair is distorted from years of shaving. Your quality of life can really be damaged by looking in the mirror daily and finding the tell-tale dark shadow on the jawline and upper lip which mark you out to be biologically male, even when you know yourself to be female. Electrolysis is the only permanent means of removing these unsightly hairs.

Our highly skilled electrologists have years of experience treating male transgender and transsexuals with deeply rooted and thick terminal hair. With the combination of thermolysis and hormone treatments, you will soon regain the softness of your skin.

Call us today or book an appointment online. You certainly do not need to live with that unwanted hair!

This information provided by Vancouver Electrolysis Centre is not intended to replace the medical advice of your physician. Please consult your licensed physician for advice about a specific medical condition.

Electrolysis for Transgendered & Transsexual People
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